An Wilq32 Image slider! Isn't that cool?:)


This is a class to make nice effect found somewhere on web. It allows to chose one image from a round, fake 3d list of images. This class uses only Javascript and HTML. Feel free to use this class on your site, as long as you keep information about who made it (at the beginning of the file).


new Wilq32.RollImages(ContainerDIV, smoothSpeed, imagesWidth, imagesHeight, widthElipse, heightElipse, imagesList);

- containerDIV - an defined div in document that will be used to put all images into, DIV need to be _initalized before You can use this class.
- smoothSpeed - this parameter defines how fast everything will move corresponding to length from centerVertical,
- imagesWidth - all images will be scaled to this value
- imagesHeight - all images will be scaled to this value
- widthElipse - maximum horizontal distance between images
- heightElipse - maximum vertical distance between images
- imagesList - a List of images in format of object:

example imagesList:

imagesList=[{src:'image.gif', href:'#'},{src:'image2.gif', href:''}]

Parameters that are in imageList:

Known bugs: